AQUITY REAL ESTATE, is a San Diego based full service real estate boutique.  A-qu-i-ty (acquiring equity) is defined as having a “sharp or keen” real estate perception. The company helps clients create value in their real estate investments through personalized and calculated strategies.

The firm is dedicated to optimizing the resale value of real estate assets including, but not limited to, single-family homes, multi-residential units and commercial properties. AQUITY REAL ESTATE works closely with clients to reposition their holdings to maximize both present and future value. Strong, established relationships with financial institutions and skilled craftsmen enable AQUITY REAL ESTATE to revitalize properties to unlock their full potential.

The company’s resourceful agents are integrity-driven individuals customizing every transaction to the specific needs of each client. AQUITY REAL ESTATE emphasizes the “as their own” approach in which every client’s property is treated like it is an AQUITY REAL ESTATE holding.

This methodology, based upon diligence, respect, and trust, is the foundation for developing lasting business relationships. AQUITY REAL ESTATE is equally comfortable working with investors ranging from first-time buyers to corporations. Our services include, but are not limited to, Acquisitions/ Purchase, Property Management, Property Rehabilitation, Construction Management, Refinancing/Mortgages, Property Entitlement, Disposition/Sale, and Advisory Services.

We look forward to assisting you in fulfilling your real estate goals.


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