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One of the cities based in San Diego County, California, United Sates is Poway. We at Aquity Real Estate offer our services in Poway and other cities of San Diego County. Our goal is achieving your goal. We assist our clients to search, learn, as well as understand the real estate market. If you want to know about sell homes for cash Poway, go on reading.

What is the process involved to sell homes for cash Poway

The steps involved in the process of selling a home for cash are as follows:

  • Request an offer: You can go ahead with requesting an offer and conveying whether you want to sell the home as it is or you are open to repairs.
  • Evaluation of the house: The buyers will try to gather all details about your home. After this, they will determine if they are ready to buy.
  • Evaluate the contract: Being a seller, you need to evaluate the contract terms and price. Only after this, decide if you can accept.
  • Ask for proof of finance: Make sure you check the documentation of the company or individual you want to buy your home. The proof must be related to funds and their capability of completing the transaction.
  • Carry out an inspection: Even if the buyer is purchasing your home without any repairs, still the buyer will inspect your home. Hence, make sure you de-clutter and enhance your home.
  • Clear title: The buyer will need a title on their name conveying that the property is free of any claims and judgment.
  • You get the payment: The buyer will transfer the funds to your seller account. However, it might take around a week or more.

Select us to help you sell homes for cash

We at Aquity Real Estate aim at maintaining a great relationship with clients. For this, we try hard to offer client satisfaction. We function differently, as we do not only concentrate on sales. Our concentration is on the experience that our client has with us.

About Poway

Initially an unincorporated community, Poway formed a city in the year 1980. The city is surrounded through San Diego city towards the north, Escondido city towards the south, and Ramona city towards the east. Agriculture is the most important part of the city. The city has the population of 47,811 according to the 2010 census.

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